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Acting Academy

Live to perform and take hold of your dreams as we help you unlock your acting potential. Grow your talent through the exceptional training offered by our Acting Academy and see just how far you can go.

Our Friday Night Academy is aimed purely at Senior Students (Year 7’s – Year 13’s) at this time. The syllabus covers Acting for Film & TV, Acting for Radio & Voice Overs, Physical Theatre, Comedy, Improvisation, Devising & Script Writing.

For students from the age of 6 upwards we offer Solo LAMDA Examinations which inspire & empower learners. They build confidence in speaking, reading, comprehension & performance. The grades give students the opportunity to create their own versions of some of literatures most fascinating characters and perform some of the most famous lines ever written. Exams are offered from Entry Level – Grade 8 are open to students over the age of 6 years old through this world leading exam board.

Taught in half hour 1-1 sessions on Mondays after school. The first examination sitting is booked for the end of the first Semester. You must register your interest now in order to be a part of this wonderful opportunity as we have limited spaces available and allocate on a first come, first serve basis.




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