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LAMDA Acting

LAMDA qualifications are regulated by Ofqual, the independent qualifications regulator in England.

What to expect:

Together we will discuss the grade we feel is appropriate for you, we look at a variety of monologues to find your preferred piece.

Classes begin with a warmup before we work on the text; not only so we’re ready to work, but so that we are developing your spoken dexterity and improving  your clarity of communication.

During our sessions we will develop your performing skills covering;

  • Speaking with clarity, diction, and audibility
  • Using movement and facial expression
  • Developing confidence, performing skills, and learning and practicing the art of memorising scripts.

Who can take a LAMDA Grade?

Examinations and qualifications are open to anyone looking to gain confidence, skills and experience in speech, communication, and performance, or simply looking for a new challenge!

The first examination sitting is booked for the end of the first Semester. 

Time Slots Available

Mondays at the following times;

4pm-4:45, 4:45-5:30, 5:30-6:15, 6:15-7pm, 7pm-7:45, 7:45-8:30

If you are interested in a class at any other time please do let us know and if we can accommodate your request we will.



To find out more, or to book your preferred time slot please complete the form below and we'll be in touch...