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How do your fees work?

Fees are priced on the basis of 38 classes in a teaching year, the total has been added up and divided by 12 to give our monthly fee amount. You pay all year round, including August, as the cost of classes are evenly spread across 12 calendar months and not an 11 month academic year.

Siblings or those taking more than one class have a discount applied to their total fee amount. Discounts to Stage School fees are arranged slightly differently, the Stage School fees remain full price except for siblings where a 50% discount is applied to the second & subsequent child’s Stage School fee.

How much are your classes?

Our Classes are paid monthly:

45 minute classes are £21.83 per month across 12 months

60 minute classes are £26.58 per month across 12 months

90 minute classes are £37.35 per month across 12 months

120 minute classes are £53.16 per month across 12 months

180 minute classes are £71.55 per month across 12 months


Multi-Class/Sibling Discounts:

2 or 3 classes 10%

4 or 5 classes 15%

6 or more classes 20%

120 & 180 min Stage School Siblings 50%

Do I have to sign up for a whole year when I join?

When you join your membership with us begins and runs monthly until such time as you choose to leave.

There is no set contract length offering parents flexible commitment terms, however after the initial 14 day cooling off period, any cancellations are subject to a notice period.

What's your notice period?

1 months calendar notice is required to cancel our classes.

This is taken from the 1st of the next fee paying month, that is to say you must make one more fee payment after your notice is served. For example notice received on or after 1st July would make 1st August the final payment and so on.

As a small business with fixed operating costs we cannot offer immediate severance terms as it jeopardises our ability to run and ask that outgoing members respect this upon departure.

Unpaid fees (typically due to a prematurely cancelled direct debit as soon as notice is served) are sent on by invoice for & must be settled within 14 days.

How do I give notice?

Notice is served in writing, please contact us if you wish to do so.

It’s helpful to know what’s prompted your decision to leave so any information you can give is gratefully received.

Do you have a uniform?

All of our classes have a uniform which must be worn each week. We ask that you have your uniform by the end of your first term with us.

More details about our uniform, it’s cost and how to get it can be found here.

How much are your trial classes?

Our trial classes are free.

We don’t consider it a trial until your child has actually tried the session. If they are reluctant to join in on the first go we will invite you to try again next week.

If they’re still unsure after a couple of go’s we will invite you back again in a few months time to see if they’d like to try then.

How do I book a trial?

Your trial class is booked online via this website. You can browse the timetable by location or view all of the classes by style.

How do I sign up to a class?

You will be sent an email after your trial, follow the link in there to complete your registration with us.

Are you running any holiday schemes?

We run a variety of different camps, workshops and events throughout the year. You can see what’s coming up and book your place here.

When is this years show?

Our main school shows for the Dance Academy & Stage School classes are held across a series of weekends at the Hazlitt Theatre in June each year.

Each class is invited to perform two numbers in each show meaning that it is a different cast of performers for each show.

Our preschool class presentations are held annually at the Corn Exchange Studio in July.

You can see the dates on our term dates and forthcoming events pages.

Full details of the main school shows are are sent out on the 1st March each year and details of the preschool presentations are sent out on the 1st June.