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Meg Robinson

Meg was born in Kent and started dancing at the age of 3, she hasn’t looked back since!

After attending Rainham Mark for sixth form she went on to study Musical Theatre at Reynolds Performing Arts.

After graduating college Meg worked as a teacher at Flair until she successfully gained her first professional dancing contract. Heading off to India for six months she danced in Music Videos, Bollywood Films and at extravagant weddings and events!

Unfortunately the current situation cut her contract short but she hopes to pick up her travels and performing in the future so she can share her experience with our up and coming performers!

After many years of assisting and teaching she has gained lots of experience in many dance genres, as well as singing and acting. After joining the Flair team in January 2019 Meg has loved getting to know the other teachers and students and is so glad to be a part of this amazing school.

Meg is particularly passionate about the use of creativity and expression to aid the growth and happiness of children, and also to preserve the arts which is a very important part of many peoples lives.

Meg is also a long term member of Tap Attack associates, which is a specialist tap company, and attends monthly classes with them. If you have seen Meg’s fabulous tap shoes you will already know it is her favourite genre!