An Open Letter From Flair

Flair School Of Dance

In the past couple of days we have been astonished, at times excited and other times dumbfounded at the attention that the clip from our recent show has gained online. It went very quickly from being a bit of local press to something much wider and it’s taken us all by surprise.

We’ve taken down what we shared about it because we don’t want to fuel the interest in this any further as has the videographer.

Changing to a slightly different focus now I want to echo some of what I said on stage to the audiences on show day.

There were over 200 acts of heroism on that stage a couple of weeks ago. To have the courage to stand up there, under the lights, in front of an audience is something quite incredible. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how experienced you are at shows, there is nothing quite like that moment and butterflies doesn’t even come close to explaining the feeling you get! In our eyes every single one of our performers is a hero for their achievements on that day.

We have always passionately believed that dance is and incredible way for children to grow in confidence. We hear time and time again from theatre staff, the photographer that comes in to take the photos, the videographer etc that we are something quite different to the norm.

When I started Flair I aimed to create a school that put the child first and the choreography second. What each of us has in terms of potential to get to a point of perfection varies, but I don’t think that’s what it should be about. The lasting memories I have from my time dancing are of the experience, the friendships, the feeling of being on stage and not how well I executed my moves. Of course we work hard as their teachers and they practice hard as students, but when the curtain opens and they stand on that stage we are there to encourage, support and praise them and what happens with their feet is secondary. You can see on their faces what it means to be up there and it always gets me, if you were at the show in the afternoon you saw how much it means, so whilst we’ve got the focus on Flair for a moment I just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

Lastly my parting comments are praise to the three mini heros who kept going with their routine all the way to the end despite suddenly finding a grownup there with them! I’m so impressed with how beautifully they danced up there, and so to them I tip my hat and say very well done!

Lucy (Principal)