Dance is incredible and everyone should be doing it!

Flair School Of Dance - Dance Is Science!

Dance is incredible and everyone should be doing it! …ok we would say that because we love it, but science backs us up on this too!

A recent survey for the charity Action for Children found almost one in four parents (23.1%) struggle to control their children's screen use. In an era when our children spend more time in front of a screen than playing outside there has never been a better time to to get them up and into a dance studio and there are some pretty hefty benefits to be gleaned along the way. Yes there are obvious benefits to your heart and lungs from the aerobic element but it goes so much deeper than that.

Dancing improves your memory, in adults it has been shown to combat cognitive decline and for children it enhances their ability to retain information, that is to say it makes them better at learning - not just in dance, but in all areas of the curriculum. Additionally the learning of dance figures and movements helps develop areas of the brain related to spatial awareness which in turn makes it easier for them to learn Maths and STEM subjects.

Creativity wise dance is such a fantastic outlet, you can be anyone you want to be out on that dance floor, you can express what you’re feeling, let loose and just be you.

It’s a social space, typically our classes comprise children from different schools expanding the social circle of each individual and providing them with an outlet away from their day to day friends. A study from Oxford University suggests that dancing along side others lights up pathways in your brain that helps deconstruct the social barriers between yourself and the stranger next to you giving you a sense of connection and belonging, something we all need and crave in our lives.

Rhythmic movement has been shown to trigger the release of endorphins, which can boost your mood. It gives you a mental break from homework or in the case of us adults housework! A study by the American Medical Association showed that in adolescent females, a regular dance class positively impacted their mental health. In particular they reported better feelings about their overall health after participating in structured dance classes that focused on enjoying movement rather than perfection and performance which are entirely the values that we at Flair hold so central in all that we do. One of our 8 year old students recently described the dance studio as her ‘safe space to go wrong’, for our youngsters and all the pressures they face growing up in todays world having a place you can go once a week or so that can improve your psychological health is invaluable and dance can more than aptly provide that which as we said right at the top of the page, is pretty incredible!