Hazlitt Shows FAQs

Updated: May 11, 2019

What do I need to know for the Hazlitt Shows?

The main school shows are on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June 2019 at The Hazlitt Theatre, Earl Street, Maidstone, ME14 1PP

Performers doing a morning show (Show 1 or 3) are needed from 09:00 - 13:00, performers doing an afternoon show (Show 2 or 4) are needed from 14:00 - 18:00.

Each performer will be in just 1 show. Performers will showcase two routines per class they take. 

How much are tickets and how do I get them?

Tickets for spectators will be available to purchase from the Hazlitt Box Office & via their website from 1st May 10am. Child £8.25, Adult £12.50, Under 2's free on laps. We anticipate that they will sell out so please do not leave it to the last minute to get tickets.

The link to buy the tickets is: https://www.parkwoodtheatres.co.uk/Hazlitt-Theatre/show/ff660433-8668-e911-a990-c0fbd334992d/big-screen-belters

Is the show 4 hours long?!

No! The 4 hour window in your invitation is the length of time that the performers will be with us. You drop them at the start and collect them at the end. We have an orientation of the theatre, a safety briefing and costumes to get into ahead of the show starting. Here is a breakdown of the times and what they will be doing in that 4 hour window. There isn't much time sat around as they are called to the stage 4 numbers before they perform and with approx. 10 numbers in each act it's a very quick turn around...they won't get bored, the time flies by.

Saturday 29th June Show 1 & Sunday 30th June Show 3:

Performer Call Time 09:00

Doors to Auditorium (for Audience) 10:00

Act 1 10:30 - 11:20

Interval 11:20 - 11:40

Act 2 11:40 - 12:30

Students 12:40 - 13:00

Saturday 29th June Show 2 & Sunday 30th June Show 4:

Performer Call Time 14:00

Doors to Auditorium (for Audience) 15:00

Act 1 15:30 - 16:20

Interval 16:20 - 16:40

Act 2 16:40 - 17:30

Students Leave 17:40 - 18:00

Can I help backstage?

Yes, absolutely, we need lots and lots of help! ...but you will need to be licensed to do so.

You can complete your chaperone training for free online and a licence lasts for 3 years, you will also receive a free DBS check - even if you already have a valid DBS from somewhere else you will still need a new one for KCC. The sooner you do this the better as it can take up to 6 weeks to come through and without a DBS they won't issue a licence and without a licence hung around your neck KCC will not permit you to enter the backstage area on the day.

The link to apply for a chaperone license is here:


This is explained on the information linked above, but please note that you will need to take ID down to County Hall in Maidstone on a Thursday night between 5pm & 6pm for your DBS check. This is time pressured as they will not issue the Chaperone Licence until you have your DBS check back. There is no set time length on how long they take to process your DBS, it just depends how busy they KCC recommend allowing 6 weeks at least.

The 5-6pm time slot on a Thursday is the only time there is all week and some of our classes run exactly at this time. My suggestion if this is the case for you, is that you band together with another parent in the same class who can look after your child whilst you go to show your ID, if they then need to show theirs they could go the following week, or you might need to enlist the help of a grandparent etc. If you're unable to make the time slot at all you will be unable to obtain a KCC Chaperone Licence.

A list of what ID you will need is detailed on the government website:


Once you have shown your ID and completed your training please contact us to let us know so that we can update our records and allocate you to a group.

If I help, would I remain backstage for the show or can you go to your seat for the performance?

You will be responsible for a group of up to 12 children. We do our best to keep parents with their own child's group. You will remain with them throughout the 4 hours that they are backstage and they need to be escorted everywhere so you can't leave to go and watch the show unfortunately.

When your group perform you will be stood side of stage so you'll have an up close view of the number! If you position yourself at the front of the wings (the offstage area out of sight of the audience) you have a great view of the stage so can watch your group perform.

The DVD this year is going to be awesome, curtaincallfilms.com are the people doing it, their showreel online is amazing, they bring 6 HD cameras and film all angles so you can always get a DVD to watch the whole show afterwards and being a part of the buzz backstage is just incredible, it's a great day!

How much is it to do the show & why do I have to pay to be in it?

There is an entry fee of £25 per performer which covers administrative costs including music & performance licences as well as insurance for your child, a top up fee of £5 is added for their 2nd and subsequent classes with us if they take more than one class per week. This is not a costume fee per se; whilst we provide most of what is needed on the day we may ask you to provide a small costume item or a prop i.e. coloured t-shirt, leggings, shorts, etc. These will be confirmed closer to the show.

What are the timings for the Dress Rehearsals?

Dress Rehearsal for Show 1 at Warmlake Dance Studios on Saturday 22nd June 2019 (1pm - 3:30pm)

Dress Rehearsal for Show 2 at Warmlake Dance Studios on Saturday 22nd June 2019 (4pm - 6:30pm)

Dress Rehearsal for Show 3 at Warmlake Dance Studios on Sunday 23rd June 2019 (1pm - 3:30pm)

Dress Rehearsal for Show 4 at Warmlake Dance Studios on Sunday 23rd June 2019 (4pm - 6:30pm)

I can't make the dress rehearsal, can I still do the show?

Yes. This practice is not mandatory and should not impede your ability to participate in the show if you cannot make it, however it will be the only 'dress run' and we would urge everyone to attend as it makes a big difference to student's confidence on show day.

Can you send me a video of my routine to practice?

We don't send out practice videos, but juniors/seniors can bring a mobile into class with them to take a video, parents of the younger students may pop in for the last run of the class on a given week (if they speak to their teacher at the beginning to check it's convenient time to do so).

What songs are my child is dancing to?

This is a question for your class teacher at drop off or collection. Classes run back to back so you'll have to catch them quickly at change over, they can't give you a lengthy discussion about the show (check out all the info on this page if you want to know more) but they can tell you what you're dancing to.

Where do we drop & collect performers for the dress rehearsal?

The dress rehearsal will take place in Studio 1 at Warmlake, please drop them at the main door and register them at reception on your way through. For logistical/space reasons only prior arranged chaperones will be able to come into the dress rehearsals. Again we ask that you are prompt and patient at the dress rehearsals. Hair, & where applicable, makeup should be done as it will be for the show PRIOR to arriving. We are having professional photographs taken of each performer at the dress rehearsal.

How should I have my hair?

Ballet students should have their hair in a bun or french plait (one or two), all other classes should have their hair in a french plait (either one or two). If you 'can't do hair' then just do your best, if it falls out someone backstage will help fix it!

What makeup will I need?

None if you are a Prelim or a Primary student. If you are a Junior or Senior then you are welcome to wear light-makeup in the form of lips and eye makeup. There is no need to wear a heavy foundation as our lighting is set to work with natural skin tone. If your younger performer is desperate to wear some makeup that's fine, but they are responsible for bringing and looking after it.

What colour socks should I wear?

Ballet & Tap students as per their uniform, all other performers will need black socks.

What happens with costumes?

Costumes are given out at the dress rehearsal, if you cannot make this they will be given out at the lesson before the show, if you miss that as well they will be brought to the theatre and left in your dressing room for you. Except in the case of the latter, you are responsible for bringing your costume to the show and caring for it during the performance. You will then leave it at the show and not bring it away with you. Lost costumes carry a mandatory replacement charge of £30. Do not lose your costume. Do not forget it on the day.

Where do we drop & collect performers on the day?

Performers will arrive at the Theatre via the Stage Door, accessed through Rose Yard, for their call time (as per the timings of the day on your show invite email). They will remain in the theatre for the entire duration between their drop off and collection times. Each performer is signed in and out, the process is meticulous, we ask that you are prompt for the timings given and exercise patience as they are going in and coming out.

What do I wear to and from the Theatre?

Your class uniform. This is mandatory and done so for safeguarding reasons.

Should I bring food with me?

Yes, snacks that can be eaten without staining costumes are perfect. NO NUTS due to potentially dangerous allergies. Water or squash only to drink (no hot, fizzy or yoghurt based drinks), SPORTS CAPS please to minimise spillages.

Can I bring my mobile with me?

Due to child protection & safeguarding mobile phones will not be permitted in dressing rooms due and any found will be confiscated. Your child can be reached in the case of emergency via the Flair Phone (07713 260245) on the day. All performers under the age of 18 must be signed in and out at the stage door so there will be no need to liaise picks up with them and therefore no need for a phone to be on site.

What else shall I bring?

It's a fast moving day, there really isn't any lengthy sitting around time so if you really feel you need it then bring something small to occupy yourself with. Space is limited backstage & items get easily lost. Name EVERYTHING (especially uniform, you all have identical uniform, every year unnamed things get lost). No digital devices. Everything brought is done so at your own risk.

How do I purchase the photos taken at the dress rehearsal?

They will be available to buy in the foyer at the show. Live photos will be taken and these, along with the portraits, will be available to purchase direct from the photographer after the show. They are usually uploaded a week or so after. As soon as details are sent to us we will forward them on to you.

How much are photographs?

Presently we don't have that information, please check back nearer the time to see an update on this answer.

How do I purchase the DVD taken at the show?

These will be available to purchase direct from the videographer after the show. The shows are all edited are usually take a good few weeks to be finished. As soon as details are sent to us we will forward them on to you.

How much are DVDs?

DVDs are £17 each, filmed in HD and with multiple cameras, you can see an example of the quality of footage on the showreel of Curtain Call Productions (who are filming the shows) available on their website (via google search).