How Much Are The Dancing Shoes?

How Much Are The Dancing Shoes?
Hi hope u don’t mind me asking, how much are the dancing shoes please?

Yes no problem at all, they vary greatly in price. I would recommend Jazz Sneakers, you can get them in a 'split sole' which means they are super light to dance in and offer total flexibility in the feet.

We don't stock shoes at all, they're all bought either through an online supplier (I tend to use for my own shoes) or through the shop in town; Baillando. They are located in the market buildings just behind the Hazlitt Theatre. The ladies in there are very knowledgable and offer a very professional service. We've been sending people to them for years so they give our members a 10% discount so if you go there make sure you say you're from Flair to get 10% off.

The fitting of dance shoes is entirely it's own inexact science. For example I wear a size 5.5 trainer in normal shoes but my ballet slippers are a size 4 and my Jazz sneakers are a 5, my tap shoes on the other hand are a 6!

I have wasted a lot of money over the years buying completely the wrong size shoe from online sites. Dance Direct do offer a conversion if you look so you are buying your usual shoe size and then they send the appropriate sized shoe. You can return items to them but you do have to pay the postage for the return (as well as the delivery) so that's something to consider.

If you do go into town make sure you take your child with you so that she/he can try and advise on how things feel because as I say they are the most randomly sized item in the world!

I hope that helps! :)