Is your school like other well known stage schools?

Updated: Mar 11

Flair Performing Arts.

Yes! Just like other familiar stage school formats, students take specialist lessons in Dance, Drama and Singing.

Our Stage School; Flair Performing Arts, started in 2019 and has grown from strength to strength. It is a real jewel in our crown. 

Three groups of students take specialist lessons in Dance, Drama and Singing in three 55 minute sessions on a Sunday morning at our studios in Sutton Valence. 

The dance takes place in Studio 1, Drama in Studio 2 and Singing in our Music Room.

Groupings are made on age; 5-8 years, 8 - 13 years & 13 - 18 years though there is flexibility within the age boundaries if teachers feel the groups should be arranged a little differently. 

We will have our annual show at the Corn Exchange in Maidstone each summer as well as the end of term presentations at Christmas and Easter. 

Students have the opportunity to take Drama Examinations through LAMDA as well as Musical Theatre and of course Dance; through the Dancers Board.

As detailed in the Fees section above, we have a very reasonably priced monthly fee of £67.50 for the weekly three-hour session. If you have a sibling in the Performing Arts School they receive a 50% discount on their fees in place of the 10% multi-class discount we usually give for siblings. Additionally, if you take classes in our other genres as well you still receive the 10% discount on your fees for them.

Your first session is free, then for the Stage School, we can offer up to 2 sessions as a PAYG before committing.

To book your free trial please visit our online bookings table here!