Watching Week FAQs?

Watching Week FAQs?

When Is Watching Week?
When is watching week?

Watching Week Is the last session of the term before we break for Christmas, Easter & Summer.

Can I Film?
Can I film?

Yes, unless stated otherwise. Please do not however name other peoples children in anything you put on social media. 

Who Can Watch?
Who can watch?

You are welcome to bring others along with you - Grandparents, siblings, friends from school etc.

Do I Watch The Whole Session?
Do I watch the whole session?

We just invite parents in for the last 15 minutes of the class as it get's very busy in the room! You can see a little presentation of their work and the badge & certificate presentation at the very end.

What If I Can't Make It?
I can't make watching week, I don't want to miss out seeing my child, can I come in the week before?

Yes, that's absolutely fine as long as we are prepared and know about it then we can arrange for your child's certificate to be there and the teacher can plan their lesson accordingly.

Just have a word with the teacher and drop us a message into the office so that we can have your certificate ready for you.