What Are Your Class Fees?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

What Are Your Class Fees?
A breakdown of our class fees, including our notice period and refund policy.

Our classes are priced according to length and fees are collected monthly by Direct Debit all year round so once you're all registered there's no invoice or anything like that to worry about.

45 minute classes are £21.83 per month

60 minute classes are £26.58 per month

90 minute classes are £37.35 per month

Stage School Fees are £71.55 per month

Students or siblings taking 2 or 3 classes have a 10% reduction on their fees. The discount is increased to 15% for 4 or 5 weekly classes and 20% for 6 classes or more.

Stage school fees are arranged slightly differently, they remain full price (though they count in the class count towards your other sessions) except for siblings where a 50% discount is applied to the class fee of the second and subsequent children.

Fees are priced on the basis of 38 classes and 3 badges and certificates awarded in a teaching year, the total of a years classes have been added up and divided by 12 to give our monthly fee amount. As such you pay all year round, including August. If you choose to stop your classes at any time it's just a months notice that we ask for.

In your joining month we only take fees for the remaining sessions that month and commence the monthly collection from the 1st of the next month. If you are joining just before a school holiday we will not commence your monthly fee collection until the term resumes and will collect only the fee for individual classes up until this point.

In the 2019/20 academic year Students joining in June or July will be charged upfront for the classes remaining in the academic year meaning they will have no August payment. Their monthly fees will commence in September 2020.

All of our term dates are online for you to refer to throughout the year. 

CLARIFICATION OF NOTICE PERIOD: 1 fee-paying-month of written notice is required to cancel classes i.e. the month commences from the 1st of the next fee paying month. As such the final payment of fees for notice received on or after the 1st of the month is due on the 1st of the next calendar month. Notice received on or after 1st July for example will be taken on 1st August and so on.

Fees unpaid on departure (typically due to a prematurely cancelled direct debit) will be pursued by all means necessary in order to recoup the outstanding fees.

As a small business with fixed operating costs we cannot offer immediate severance terms as it jeopardises our cashflow and therefore our ability to run and ask that outgoing members respect this upon departure.


Refunds are not made against individually missed classes. In the event that the class does not run due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. snow closure) every effort will be made to reschedule the class, we will not refund you if you cannot make the rescheduled class.