What Are Your Preschool Classes About?

What Are Your Preschool Classes About?
Our preschool classes!

We have two levels of preschool classes;

Dancing Together (from 2 years) 

& Preschool Pros (from 3 years). 

Dancing Together sessions are for you and your little one do together. When they’re very young they need lots of support and guidance so you learn side by side.

Around the age of 3 children move up into the Preschool Pros where they come in to lessons by themselves. These run immediately after the Dancing Together classes each day so it’s a nice easy progression on. 

Our lessons are creative and fun, we use lots of props & a variety of different music to engage youngsters and maximise their enjoy, lessons are often themed to add that extra little something and they’re generally great fun!

The main difference between the two classes is parental/guardian presence in the dance class and students younger than 3 are rarely ready for the Preschool Pros class as so many developmental milestones; including development of social & communication skills, must be reached in order to get the best out of their classes.

If you fancy seeing what our preschool classes are about for yourself then book a free trial online here, we look forward to having you along.