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Hazlitt Shows 2025

Sunday 13th July 2025

This coming year our students will form one cast of performers who will enjoy the doing the two shows on the same day, both the morning show and the matinee. This will be music to the ears of our students who always ask to 'do it again' immediately after their show ends!

The link to the booking form for the show is at the bottom of the page, you will need to be registered to take place in the show and if you have more than one child performing in the show you will need to register them individually.

Registrations will open at the start of Term 3 and will close at half term.

Show Participation Fee

A one-off, non-refundable Show Participation Fee of £35 is chargeable per performer. This covers insurance, licence and administration costs and goes towards some of the costume costs, though additional items will be provided by the students themselves. See Costumes below.

For students in more than one class, there is a charge of £15 for each additional class (towards the additional costs of costumes and music licences). 

Show fees will be collected from your bank via the usual collection method during the first 2 weeks of Term 6.

Please note these fees are NOT for tickets which must be purchased from the Hazlitt Box Office (see below).

Dress Rehearsal

The dress rehearsal will take place at the Hazlitt Theatre first thing in the morning on the show day itself shortly after they arrive. It will give performers a chance to have a run through on the stage and to settle their nerves ahead of an exciting day of performances.


Tickets are priced at £19.50 with concessions £16.75 and under 2’s free on laps.

Tickets go on sale online and over the phone on Tuesday 3rd June 2025, at 10:30 via the Hazlitt Theatre Box Office and the Hazlitt Website.


The Hazlitt Box Office is contacted on 01622 758611; it's opening hours are 10:30 am – 2:30 pm Monday – Saturday.


To help keep the show fee to a minimum, students provide a few of their items:

  • Street Dance: Flair t-shirt, plain black leggings or joggers, white socks, black jazz shoes or plimsolls.

  • Ballet & Tap: Full class uniform including tap shoes and ballet slippers.

Older students may also prefer to have base items; such as a flesh coloured vest top beneath their costume. Please also consider the visibility of underwear; black bras often show through the costumes of older dancers.

Little ones wearing leotards do need pants on as chaperones may change them into another costume during the show.

Individual classes may also be asked to bring specific items (for example a school shirt or shorts), students will be notified directly if this is the case for them.

Performers do not keep costume items we provide; they remain the property of Flair, and we reuse them in the future for other shows, helping reduce show participation costs.


How your hair is styled for a dance show can greatly impact your overall appearance and performance. Here are some tips on how to style your hair for the show:

  • Consider your style of dance. The style of your hair should complement the style of the dance. For example, you might want to style your hair in a classic bun if you are doing Ballet. You might want to style your hair more casually if you are in Street Dance. A firm favourite over the years for our dancers has always been to have two French plaits (one on either side of the head). These are secure, keep whispy bits out of the way, and look impactful. However, if you can’t manage one or have hair that’s too short, choose a style that keeps hair back off the face and looking neat.

  • Use products that will help your hair stay in place. You will be moving around a lot during the performance. There are a variety of hair products that can help your hair stay in place while dancing. These products can help prevent your hair from getting frizzy or coming undone.

  • Practice your hairstyle before the performance. This will help you ensure that you are comfortable with the style and that it will stay in place during the performance.


No matter what hair style you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and confident with it. This will help you to give your best possible performance.

What to bring on the day

You will need to arrive at the show in your Flair Class Uniform and with the other items you are required to provide (see the Costumes Section above).

If you do more than one class, wear one uniform and have the other neatly folded in your bag.

Make sure your child’s clothes are clean and pressed, and if you have been asked to provide items for the costume, ensure you have them.

Your child will likely be hungry and thirsty after dancing, so bring snacks and drinks. This will help them to stay energised and hydrated.

Dressing rooms can be quite chaotic places, and things get lost easily.

The show is fast-paced, and there is little time to sit around, so they won’t need much to occupy them.

No electronic items; children are not permitted to have mobile phones backstage due to child protection and safeguarding measures.

Name absolutely everything.

Show Day Timings

  • Chaperone Call Time (come to the double doors on Rose Avenue at the side of the Hazlitt; you can bring your own child with you): 08:40

  • Performer Call Time (drop at the double doors on Rose Avenue at the side of the Hazlitt): 09:00

  • Doors to Auditorium for Morning Show: 11:30

  • Morning  Show, Act 1: 12:00 – 12:50

  • Interval: 12:50 – 13:10

  • Act 2: 13:10 – 14:00

  • Doors to Auditorium for Afternoon Show: 15:00

  • Morning  Show, Act 1: 15:30 – 16:20

  • Interval: 16:20 – 16:40

  • Act 2: 16:40 – 17:30

  • Students Leave (collect promptly from the double doors on Rose Avenue at the side of Hazlitt): 17:45 – 18:00

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